New friends, old friends, family, kids, 2 dogs, a baby, lots of teenagers & a bottle or 2 of champagne.

When all of these come together it makes for a most splendid Thanksgiving!

Huge thanks to The Kinnear Family! Nov 2016



We met these charming boys on their way home from school. Placencia, where school buses are places to hang out, food shacks really serve great food and people smile without agenda!

There really is something special about the “world’s narrowest high street”!




Rome in July is really too hot to handle. Stay in the shadows and enjoy the glorious light!

#stpetersbasilica #colosseum #rome #lightandshadow

The gorgeous Sian is (almost) 40 and what better way to celebrate than a bit of bling and a lot of Texas!

June 24th 2016, Houston, Texas





Houston Floods.

April 2016

Greetings, we have had a most splendid time exploring Austin and quaffing champagne.

Feb 2016

If you’ve got it haunt it…Halloween 2015….a spooktacular Loughran affair….

Lonaconing MD hosts the last silk mill standing in the USA.

Stuck in time or some say staged, either way it is the backdrop & home of beautiful artifacts just waiting to be shot. Well worth the journey, frozen fingers, huge bump & all

thriving, ruined, deserted, buzzing, old, new, welcoming, frightening, Baltimore neighbourhoods ooze character…

November 2014, Howard Street and Graffiti Alley



“Vietnam did this to me” Elijah – Nomad, DC



peeling paint, red bricks, water damaged paper, weathered wood, old tin & wire hangers –

Abandoned Building, MD

Indian Mound Cemetery, Romney, West Virginia

Halloween 2014


“doors to manual” a private joke I share with my husband (who can fly planes – very small planes haha!) on almost every runway approach…this post is dedicated to him as I abandoned my camera in favour of a good time on the dance floor!

Amazing what one can do in “automatic”….. Bravo Nicholas Harris!

Riverbend Country Club, The Hannay’s leave us for a second time, Vienna, VA. May 2014



Americans have this knack of reminding me to be “proud”. The launch of Wolf Trap 2014 was no exception and the Presidents Own were fabulous.

I’m caught up in the Patriotism…I love the fact my kids clutch their hearts when the National Anthem is played and I love that my daughter wanted to be acknowledged for her Uncle Andrew’s Military service (to Great Britian!)

Wolf Trap , VA, doing it “McDuffie style”, May 2014!


Wow! RDV Vineyard is gorgeous! So very Dutch and apparently producing the “most expensive bottle of wine in the state of Virginia”!

Champagne on arrival, 2 tastings, cheese, olives, salami & bread, a short but informative tour (by a lovely British lady) – all for $50! Go go go….Michelle Obama did just days before us!

Delaplane, VA May 2014


My dear friend Michelle said, “it’s a special thing when people from all round the world will get on a plane to meet up” – as usual – wise words!

Thanks to Andrea (UK), Vilde (Norway) & Michelle (Canada) for making the world a teeny bit smaller and the hard “goodbyes” of ex-pat life a little easier!

Reunion, Bazins, Vienna, VA May 2014



despite the weather (still snowing in fairfax!) act like it’s Spring!

Supper with special friends, March 29th 2014!

this is the first in my fish series….eat good feel good!

farifax, VA March 20th onwards….