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Despite it being a frosty Texan 60 degrees outside, Mimi, Lucia & Anabelle were absolutely fabulous on Sunday! You just can’t plan for the weather so we made the most of those little red noses and wrapped up in coats and scarfs halfway through our “mini”. The results are lovely!

Oh, and Anabelle, I’d totally want to wear those sparkly shoes too…

Thank you Legarth Family!



As if Francis Ford Coppola’s Turtle Inn wasn’t enough, Emma & Miles made my morning with their fabulous smiles! What gorgeous kids, what a beautiful place, a truly memorable moment!



Oodles of cuteness, coolness and charm – these boys rocked our session!

Simply beautiful inside and out!

Emilie & Camille are a delight & we had so much fun this morning chasing the shady spots as the sun rose quickly over Houston.

“Mummy there is a wall of water heading our way”!

We headed out this evening to scout out a spot for a shoot I have planned in the morning. Camera, buggy, baby and thankfully umbrella are dragged cross country towards the bayou and just after I take the first shot – Isla screams out….

I think she turned out beautifully despite a little soaking

Twin Lakes Bayou – October 2016


These were shot a few years ago at an abandoned house in our neighbourhood. Virginia in Autumn is one of the most amazing places to be & one of my happiest times to shoot. Cold rosy cheeks, beautiful golden sunlight and leaves everywhere – so many leaves!


A typical English day,cold beaches, hot tea and fine lawns.

Arianna Andrews, Blue Anchor Bay, Somerset, August 2016

Tessa turned One is our Happy Place. Boscastle, Cornwall.

Born August 31st, 160lbs and 6’3 – Houston Zoo.

One HUGE bundle of giraffe, Gigi & her mother are quite adorable – there’s absolutely no shortage of love here!

This post is for Megan, the ultimate giraffe lover.

Nothing like spotting your first wild gator to get the adrenaline pumping! There is in fact little to be afraid of as long as one adheres to the “Alligator Etiquette” provided by the State Park and remember most importantly to NEVER accept one as a pet!

Brazos Bend State Park – Aug 2015

It’s a dinky obsession – I am in love with these cars.

They are on my “must find the time to frame/mount/display list” however still comfortably reside in the travel case they were carefully stored in when my husband was a child.

This is a guess at their journey – homes not holidays – England-Egypt-Cyprus-Singapore-Hong Kong-England-Budapest -Belgium-USA VA -USA TX